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About Us

EyoTech specialises in Technological and IT-related services such as IT Consulting, IT outsourcing, Cloud storage & backup, Cloud hosted telephone systems, Cyber security, Infrastructure, Network, Software & hardware solutions.
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The IT services that EyoTech are providing can be segmented by the type of skills employed to deliver the service (Consult, design, build, rollout & maintain). Technically, these fall into three main categories: business process services, application services, and infrastructure services.


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IT Management
Our service offerings enhance customer experience throughout secure & highly functional end-to-end IT management.
Cloud Hosted Services
Could storage & backup with disaster planning & recovery. Could hosted communications and telephone systems products customised to improve your organisations efficiency.
Unified Communications Solutions
We offer solutions to integrate and unify communications across boarders, offices, and departments to enhance operational efficiency and empower remote working organisations.
Infrastructure Integration Technology
At Mitech, we have a holistic and integrated approach towards core modernization to experience technological evolution.
Highly Professional Staffs
Having obtained the official & formal training in IT technology and technical fields, our staffs know more than what they show.
Information Security Management
Information security has been a rising issue lately due to a series of scandals from big companies, rest assured, we're here.
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Years in Team Experience
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